Where ART and FURNITURE meet for the perfect fit

Bespoke (custom-made) Accents

The options are endless!
Home accents that are sculptural, hand-carved
and the perfect size, tone and design.
It’s easy and fun to be part of the process.
Let’s collaborate and create an extraordinary work of art
and add some “WOW” into your decor.



Nothing ordinary here!!
Dynamic, sculptural pieces combined with functionality,
adding an extra layer of style to your home decor.
Exclusive home accents that have their own
story, inspiration and soul.
Shop for what available NOW.

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receive the
OUT of the Ordinary” Magazine
keep up with ideas,
inspirations, process
what’s on the table in the studio.

Get inspired! Your home is an expression of who you are, your travels, your passions and your style. I create exclusive, one-of-a-kind and customized pieces that add that “WOW” to your home decor.
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