“I am passionate about creating sculptural objects
with a purpose that adds a story and soul to a home”
Andrea Lewin Wendel

Marlow20120228_006 copy.jpg

What I do…
I design and craft functional home accents, One of it’s kind or custom, that make an “out of the ordinary” style impact to your décor. I encourage people to go beyond the ordinary in their furniture choices, and to NOT settle for mass produced pieces and accentuate your personal style.
Who is it for?
The discerning, art loving, home décor aficionado. A conscious consumer and a purposeful purchaser. People that value the handcrafted and love objects with a story and soul.
Why is it special?
Everyone is looking for that little extra which makes a difference in our lives and that is found in the human touch. Hand crafted pieces all have a spirit, a story, an inspiration and of course pride.
Our world is filled with so much technology, that it is a comfort to live with something artisanal, handcrafted or just connecting to the artisan.  It’s not just a piece of furniture. It is a piece of art! Hands create the vision, giving every piece a soul.
Your home décor is personal and finding the right pieces that completes your vision is total satisfaction, bringing a peace, harmony and great energy to your living space. And a big WOW!
What is the Andi-Le aesthetic?
The furniture portfolio concentrates on tables, consoles and benches. The strong components blend patterns along with textures and materials. I merges old world traditions with a modern aesthetic, fusing creativity with functionality, and then, emerging with a usable work of art. The Inspiration for the Andi-Le aesthetic developed with an obsession for indigenous cultures and their art, textures and ceremonies, a passion for nature and the outdoors and a curious eye.
What makes me different?
Besides the female aspect……
As an illustration major at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, My art career started as a muralist. Painting residential and commercial murals gave me access to stunning homes, restaurants and hotels from the ground up, across the country. Moving into sculpture was natural, the ability to carve and shape wood and metal into my visions felt powerful. Creating functional art became my passion while adding the special details I call the icing to a room. Why not have something more than a table? Or bench? An extraordinary piece that is made specifically for a specific place that fits perfectly.
Understanding space and design and how the smallest of details is what makes a design shine. My family’s background of Interior design, architecture and fine home building has steeped into my blood and is a natural fit for creating furniture that will blend with the décor and stand alone as art.
Where can I purchase or get started with a custom made piece?
Go shopping HERE online and see what is available right now. As an artist my work is limited and I usually create a series at a time based on an idea (possibly from the middle of the night).
For custom: Click PROCESS  and see how easy and fun it can be to be part of the process.
The website is filled with ideas and inspirations. So take a peak.
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