3 deep down secrets of an ART FURNITURE making addict and remedies

I am an artist, I have a bunch of ideas all the time,
it will be physical, dirty and filled with emotional ups and downs
and I can’t stop the addiction
to the creative process and making stuff.

Blank canvas.jpg

 1.   There is a huge discomfort starting something new (which is a lot of the time). The blank canvas, a blank piece of paper, new techniques, where do I start?
And am I going to F*%#  up a perfectly good piece of wood and on and on…..

Just do it… Not quite original but ..yep.. I talk myself off the edge,
jump in and grab a gouge.. Figuring I will have a burn pile if nothing else.
Remember to play, enjoy and experience.


.   Taming the demon, the inner turmoil of productivity.

I allow myself to BE…. instead of just being productive, 
a little woowoo breathing changes my attitude and my creativity.
Playing with the process in the moment, instead of monitoring every mark
and second-guessing every design detail helps put that demon in its place.



3.  OOOPS !  Unintended consequences

hmmmm …Let’s call them good mistakes…
In the end, the path a piece takes till completion
is often filled with lessons learned, new improved techniques,
detours and design changes.
But the next chapter has more knowledge, more depth and a long memory.
OH BOY!   
Find optimism and a good nights sleep.



And there is nothing more rewarding when the outcome matches the intended spirit.
It was easy, just came to me,  just came out of me,
fluid and clear, effortless, painless, nothing to it. 


What does creativity feel like to you?
Til next time,

P.S. Check out the “painless and easy pieces” created at the Andi-Le studio. Artist made pieces have a soul, a story and made with heart. www.andi-le.com