If the work you see on the Andi-Le site speaks to you. Let’s get started.

 1. A phone consultation where we can see if your vision and my work is a fit. We will talk about your design needs, space, types of
material, and budget.

2. I look at your space or layout via in person or images.
Image list :
The room and other pieces in the room
Elements, fabric samples, stone, and wood.
If the space is under construction or in the design phase, send tear sheets of furniture and materials

 3. I start with quick conceptual sketches, with the budget in mind to find a direction. and will do 3-6, then go more in depth with
scale, material and finishes once we have the direction.
The design fee is included in the total piece price and is subtracted at the end.

 4.  Studio visits are encouraged. I also create videos and send progress pics as I go along.

 5. Fees and payment schedule:
A design fee of $350 is required to start sketching. The fee will be subtracted from the total cost of the piece at the end.
50% of the total cost (excluding delivery) is required to get started ordering material and creating your custom piece.
The balance and delivery/shipping fee is expected prior to delivery.

6. An exceptional piece of furniture bringing you joy and satisfaction is placed in your home.