3 steps Custom-Made Furniture

Does it sound scary?
Do you think it is something just for an elite clientele?
Are you settling for something that is just OK because it is there?
Here are 3 steps to having exactly what you want.
Once the ice is broken you will never go back.


Step 1
Get ready.

Know where and how the pieces will fit into your décor,. Having an oddly proportioned space is a great opportunity to go custom.  Exact specifications are exactly what custom means. 

Be prepared to speak to an artisan.

Look through magazines, books, or online sites like houzz, to show the artist what you like, what draws your eye. 


Step 2

Take your time.

To me the most important component is finding an artist or craftsman that resonates with you, (obviously an artist who’s work you love.)  All artists and designers have a signature look and use of materials. 

Look at the span of work, the edges, finishes and quality.

Can the artisan talk your talk?  Do you feel comfortable? Are suggestions welcome? 

The conversation should make you excited for the possibilities and also for the process.

Step 3

The Process

I will speak from my own experience, there are many ways other artists work.

A.  As a custom designer and builder, I start with a few conceptual sketches to make sure everyone is on the same page. I realize that clients don’t always know exactly what they want, but the DO know what they don’t.

I like to see what else is in the room in order to create a piece that blends but at the same time can stand alone as art.

It helps to “feel” the space when possible, and to get to know the clients. Often it will be under construction; in that case I use fabric swatches, and images of other pieces and finishes, along with measurements.  To me this process is very personal. And I realize it is also a leap of trust given to me as an artist.

Side bar…. Having an interior design mother, and building and designing many homes adds to my ability to create site–specific pieces that work within the décor.

B.   As we settle in on a direction, the loose sketches turn in to working drawings to scale.

Because surface design and texture is a signature component to my aesthetic, I provide samples and along with colors for approval.  And at the end, this piece will  reflect the essence of who you are and will be fused with meaning , soul and a story.


Get creative and have fun with the possibilities
while collaborating with an artist, whose aesthetic matches your own.

Become a custom junkie, don’t settle for  “off the floor”.

Til next time,