How to: Host a Dinner Party with Andi-Le NOT SO Lazy Susans


The Art of Entertaining
includes delicious food, a beautiful table, music, drinks, great conversation and friends,
while making it look seamless and stress-free!

The Menu Challenge:
Dinner parties (especially with allergies and vegans) have become a bit more challenging.
I started preparing very simple entrees, steak, chicken, and fish, even tofu.
Then I create toppings, condiments, and sauces as compliments, most of which can be made in advance.
Guests can make their dish as spicy or saucy as they like, Onions? No Onions! Everyone is happy!



The Beautiful Table Challenge:
The small dishes of condiments were scattered and messy.
 Where’s the spicy mustard? Who has the caramelized onions?
And that’s where the Lazy Susan came back into play. 
After searching for Lazy Susans that didn’t look like my mother’s
or one that wasn’t brown.
I headed into the studio.
And Voila!


The Answer:
The Andi-Le NOT SO Lazy Susans, with exceptional design and style,
makes serving and menu ideas simple and authentic. 
Everyone has fun creating their meal to their preference.
Tasting new flavors and combinations of sauces and condiments
leads to great conversations and fun for all.

Just add friends, drinks and music.


“Live Creativley”

Til next time