Can BESPOKE furniture change your life?


Having options can be mind changing,  NOT SETTLING ( as a consumer) is powerful!
Mass consumption might satisfy the common luxury shopper
but it doesn’t satisfy the yearning of exclusivity.

  As an artist, creating pieces in home décor that match
individual tastes and requirements the term
Bespoke Luxury speaks to me.

 Besides the perfect fit, there is a story, a soul and a sense of pride and joy
in the collaborative process for my clients and myself. 

 The credenza (above) was designed for clients in Flagstaff, AZ.
The log home is nestled in aromatic pines.
Contemporary art, as well as, western furniture and accents with
Pendleton rugs and Molesworth furniture makes this oasis cozy and warm.
The Warhol was the inspiration for the texture I carved on the doors.
Diamond shaped door pulls emulate the rugs design,
I inlaid 65 large turquoise stones and
filled carved channels with smaller ones. 
Laborious and worth it !

 Integrating art and furniture in distinctive ways that makes a statement
and perfectly complements your personality and style.…
Is that Life changing??


Til next time,