Fired Up In The Studio!!!!

Every surface in the studio has a different piece or
series of pieces in process.
I am excited about my new series of
"Stacked Bracelet" end tables... below,  
 They really are jewelry for the home.


Also, 2 benches , a door and hand crafted steel handles.
I am having a ball. 
Nothing makes me feel better than to be productive
and seeing progress.
Sometimes trial and error and sometimes an epiphany.
Figuring it out.....
common sense, experience and
even dumb luck play a part in the process.
This week .... metal work,
which always includes a few scrapes and bruises.
I used my cutting torch to cut steel door handles,
which will have welded texture and lots of grinding.
 The handles will emulate the marble veining
that has been carved on the door.
If you missed that video Click here.
The veins will be inlaid with gold leaf, the handles will match. 
That’s the plan....

Here is a short peak in the studio, sparks and all. 

Til Next Time