Laborious ? What do you think?

As a furniture sculptor and crafts(wo)man,
I love the physicality of my work.
I touch, feel, lift, move, carry, etc. etc. each piece. 
That is what connects me so personally with the design and process.
Each piece has the “fingerprints”
of everyone who touched it,
physically and mentally
and that gives the work a soul.  

I love looking at work that shows the artists hand.
I visualize the love, the touch and the time
that went into the creation.
Here is a peak into the studio.

Custom hand crafted furniture not only has
a story and a soul,
but all work made at the Andi-Le  Aspen Studio
 gives the owner a sense of pride and
is a unique statement of style,
bringing function and art together.

I am hoping this gives you a little insight
and inspires you to
“Live Creatively”