Do you want a glimpse into the Aspen Studio?

As an artist with a monkey mind, I am constantly thinking of new pieces I would like to create for my home. Last year I had a brilliant idea for candleholders. Of course they had to be large, bold, and always weighty. I chopped, laminated, carved texture, sanded, primed, sanded again, bought a paint sprayer (now sitting abandoned in a corner). This was just for the wood component.

In the next step, I had acrylic pieces that were sanded to an opaque finish, and glued up. I realized that the special epoxy moved….for quite awhile…… keeping me on the movement watch for much longer than anticipated in order to be straight. Let’s not forget that candleholders need a something to secure the candle incase of a bump, and causing a lit candle to roll off. (No need to explain, I am sure). This step had me grinding this small metal piece to insert on the top of the candleholder.

Countless hours, and a few tears later, I had several sets of these pretty fabulous candleholders. All have since sold. Chequers of Aspen carried them as well as The Picket Fence in Sun Valley, Idaho and Menlo, CA.

  Like childbirth, (I think), the laborious memory faded and I had an epiphany, Let’s do those candle holders in a different way.

Let’s try leather hide in place of the acrylic, so I chopped, laminated, ROUTED, carved texture, sanded, primed, sanded, and sprayed again… (Sprayer is back in the corner). This time I bought beautiful croc cowhides, cut strips, steamed them to be more pliable, nailed them, glued, steamed again, glued some more… and Voila,

So after more countless hours, a few less tears, I created 6 sets of these candleholders. I am not sure I will create this “child” again.   But maybe………

So that was  a little insight to how it goes creating accent pieces in the Andi-Le studio, from an idea to conception to the finished project.

til next time xx Andrea 

PS   Candleholders are available at