CONTEST: Name the Andi-Le “Stools” & WIN Your Very Own!

Andi-Le is looking to give our one-of-a-kind handcrafted stools a signature name truly deserving of their quality and style. Even though these beauties are technically called “stools,” we’d like to hear your creative suggestions on a catchy word or phrase that would perfectly match their unique charm. The person who comes up with the perfect name will *WIN* one of the Andi-Le “Stools” valued at $950!!!

Now for a bit about our stools:

The “Stools” are made of recycled Aspen logs and other indigenous trees to the Aspen Colorado area. Some are hand carved, others are left natural but enhanced to bring out the unique qualities of each one.  The painted or stained finish is lacquered for a fun and cool contemporary look. Cushions are made of either a faux Mongolian lamb, or a leather/suede shag.

On the “Kente and Dot” design we use Faux Mongolian lamb cushions, and on the “Shaggy 1 and Shaggy2″ we incorporate black leather/suede shag cushions.

They are fabulous anywhere within your home, and make for a perfect conversation piece when not in use.

Here is what you need to do to submit your ideas for your chance to WIN an Andi-Le “Stool”…

  1. Visit the Andi-Le Facebook page. Click LIKE, if you haven’t already done so.
  2. On this post or any subsequent posts regarding the contest, please submit your suggestion.

3 SHARE US WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!! While you’re still on the Andi-Le Facebook page, please click Share (listed below the fan page picture). On the Share This Page pop-up box, select Friends and share our page with all of your friends who would be interested in learning about Andi-Le and submitting their own ideas to us for a chance to WIN a magnificent stool.

The contest will be open until we finally find that one name that absolutely says it all! If you win, we’ll send you a Stool!

Note: Each Andi-Le stool is one-of-a-kind and the winner will WIN a similar “Stool” to the ones in these images.