Asymmetry and Imperfection

Nature cannot be made more perfect. Every tree, rock and stream etc, is beautiful is it's own simplicity. Wind has hand carved the time that has gone by. Water and sun patina most anything in its view. There is just no improvement one can do to natures work.The natural direction of growth and age presents itself to the eye in wonder.

I love riding my horse, out here in Colorado, through the Pinyon Pine. They are natures sculptures, always changing and morphing in to craggy shapes. They grow in the most arid landscapes out west. It leaves you in wonder.

As a furniture designer I want to balance the "naturalness" with contemporary. I use thick planks to feel the weight and work with it's natural inherency's. We handcraft our pieces with mostly clear wood here at Andi-Le to work within the aesthetic. Knots are great opportunities for a unique piece of furniture. The grains might also enhance the end result. Adding other elements, for instance stainless steel, acrylic, or stone change the dynamic for the chosen decor.

Check out Andi-Le's latest one of a kind pieces to see where the inspiration leads. Live Creatively,

Until next time, Andrea 



A Truck Full of Aspen Seats and Tables


Ahhh the smell of fresh cut Aspens. They are big, heavy and who knows what inspiration they will provide for "One-of-a-Kind" pieces of accent furniture. Each one will be  unique and handcrafted. These hunks will need most of the winter to dry out, and crack.  Nature will do what it does, then the enhancing begins.

til next week, xx


Find Your Muse

A muse is someone or something that has an influence on another and becomes the focus and inspiration for that person's creative work. The act of creation is filled with inspiration from sources that rock your boat.

Josephine Baker, epitomized and defined the beauty and aesthetic of the 1920’s. Picasso’s ultimate model and muse Marie Therese Walter inspired over 30 years of his best work. Throughout his life, each of the women he met and loved became his subject.

My muses have come from nature that live and change daily. The forms and patinas inspire new ideas in my work.

The Banyon Tree is one that always amazes my soul and reminds me of the forces beyond. A banyan is a fig that starts its life  when its seeds germinate in the cracks and crevices on a host tree (or on structures like buildings and bridges) These trees also scream “Climb Me”.




Look around and find your muses. It might change and inspire you to act, do and create in ways you never dreamed.

Til next week, xx