Welcome to Andi-Le This is my first blog post.

As an artist/sculptor/designer, living in aspen, Colorado, one of the most beautiful places in the world, I want to share my love and passions for the arts, food, entertaining, horses and (yes) power tools.

I design as well as build furniture. My new line “Andi-le  Furniture” and“Andi-le Tableware” will be launching this year 2011.

Living in Aspen, CO for 18+ years has given me entrance to  amazing lifestyle and experiences…from nature, to culture, to over-the-top entertaining and outrageous individuals.  Athletes, philanthropists, artists and people who live with passion, have impacted my world and continue to be a source of admiration and inspiration.

There will be lots of introductions to products, art and ideas, mine, as well as people I respect and love.

Follow me in this blog on my quest to create objects and to pass on, ideas, inspirations and things that rock my boat…. in hope that it will inspire you to "Live Creatively".

See you next week.