“Surrounding yourself with beautiful objects that have meaning, a story and a soul, makes a house a home”
Andrea Wendel

  Andrea Lewin Wendel

Andrea Lewin Wendel

For over 25 years, Andrea has been in the business of adding the extra touches of style for residential homes as well as commercial properties.

As an Illustration major at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, drawing and painting was her first step in an artist’s career. Hand painting fabric, furniture and murals took her work across the USA.

With an overwhelming desire to weld, Andrea moved into sculpture, creating large totemic pieces in wood and steel, incorporating stone, glass and a multitude of other materials. She was represented in galleries in Aspen, CO and Santa Fe, NM. Her work is included in many prominent art collections across the country.

Clients started to commission pieces of furniture based on the elements seen in her sculpture. Andi-Le (custom) was launched in 2011 to develop a creative partnership, encouraging clients to have fun with ideas, and placing their own personal stamp on each piece.

 The furniture portfolio concentrates on tables, consoles and benches. The strong components blend patterns along with textures and materials.  Andrea merges old world traditions with a modern aesthetic, fusing creativity with functionality, and then, emerging with a usable work of art.

The Inspiration for the Andi-Le aesthetic developed with an obsession for indigenous cultures and their art, textures and ceremonies, a passion for nature and the outdoors and a curious eye.

Andi-Le is the foundation for Andi-Le Aspen products. These are not custom but created based on the whims of Andrea. One of it’s kind or of a small production, these accent pieces, accessories and serve ware, came from Andrea’s need to bring beauty and purpose together in the Andi-Le style. 



Getting from the drawing table to a fabulous pieces of custom furniture.


In the Studio at Andi-Le!

Where does that inspiration come from? See how it all blends together.


Work in Progress at the Andi-Le Studio!


Wood Surfaces are not waterproof to stains and damage from moisture, heat and UV and are not impact resistant
Use coasters and placemats to protect the surface
Don't drag sharp or rough surfaces across wood furniture
Direct contact with pens, rubber, candle wax, wine, food or any perfumed products will stain a wood surface
Do not drag furniture that has legs as the may get caught on an uneven surface
Use soft damp cloth as needed and wipe dry. Do not use cleaning products containing ammonia, alcohol, or petroleum.
Avoid furniture polish as it accumulates and leaves a residue over time