Ahhh... the Bath

I am putting in long days in the studio, always dealing with dirt. Welding and metal working is black dirt, charing wood is a lot of soot, woodworking dirt, grinding and sanding is white(ish).  Then there are the horses. There is hay dust, horse nuzzling stuff and of course the job of mucking. Pig- Pen and I could talk. There is no way around it. My baths are well deserved and desperately needed. Pampering and soothing my aching muscles with bubbles, candles, music, some sort of  "spirit" and of course Motrin gets me ready for another day.

Aspen life is extremely physical. The everydays are filled with, skiing, hiking, biking, kayaks,     horses and dogs. Getting older and achy in the Rockies is for wimps... I say fake it and cowboy-up.  My advice for anyone who leads a physical life, not just a dirty one , is to fill that tub AND that glass, feel renewed and ready for tomorrow.

Til next week, xx