Inspiration and Jewelry

Activate, Energize, Stimulate, Influence, Spark

Africa has always been a source of inspiration for myself and my work.  Jewelry and adornments of all cultures fascinate me. One of  my first sculptural endeavors was "The Crown Series" which explores these concepts.

"Stones of Reflection"                                              "Rings of Change"

The word jewelry traced back to it's Latin roots "jocale" means plaything. The textures and defined spaces are mini-sculptures, tactile combinations of  many different mediums and materials. Jewelry enhances how you feel and can create your personal style.  Adornments have been used for luck, social placement and ceremonies.  I find inspiration for a lot of my work in the African cultures and  their ceremonies. Check out "African Ceremonies" by Carole Beckwith and Angela Fisher. This book is a visual feast.

It is all about the details. Let all of your playthings inspire.

Til next week. xx