New Collection Andi-Le Aspen

My emersion in the studio this summer caused me to go dark in the blog and social media world. Between commissioned pieces, creating a new line of serving ware, and enjoying Aspen and my horses, the days went by quickly! I have had to reorganize and prioritize my aspirations. As an artist, I want to play. As a businesswoman, I need to produce.  And there in lies the crux. Finding a rhythm and enjoying the ride is key!

Trying a selfie with Chiquita, I need longer arms!                                  Kayaking at Reudi.      AHHHHHH!









Andi-Le Aspen is the key to bringing it all together. One of its kind or limited production, home accessories that fill my need to create those special details that give a home soul.

Right now, I am concentrating on exceptionally designed trays created from reclaimed wood, giving each tray a deeper history while repurposing nature’s art.


AND…. I am very excited to launch the Andi-Le Aspen NOT SO lazy Susan Collection.

This is not your mother’s brown, wood, lazy susan!  This collection is sculptural, modern and stylish. Small editions of each design, allows me to play and create as the inspiration flows. They blend art and function perfectly. Andi-Le Aspen has a modern global aesthetic and the stamp of the artist/sculptor and craftsman. These home accents have been inspired by my lifestyle, travel, nature and a curious eye.

 Andi-Le Aspen products can be found at Check out the whole collection! As well as the great tips on entertaining, design ideas.

 LOVE LOVE LOVE this quote. “Freedom to me is the luxury of being able to follow the path of the heart, to keep te magic in your life. Freedom is necessary for me to create, and if I cannot create I don’t feel alive” Joni Mitchell

“Live Creatively” til next time xx Andrea





Am I Santa's Custom Furniture Elf?

Carving textures, wrapping croc hides, welding steel for cabinet pulls, sanding, grinding, fitting a marble top, glass top delivered and finally the installations...That is what is happening here in the Andi-Le Aspen studio. My clients will be all set to enjoy the holidays with their new, custom accent pieces and as well as accessories to finish up their beautiful homes.

 Also up and running is This is the place to go for extraordinary accents for home and fashion. Fabulous accessories that are not readily found and all created by artist /designers. One of a kind or limited edition pieces that will transform your style. Check out the preview launch.

With a couple feet of fresh snow, it is a winter wonderland. The really cold temperatures in the mornings have been brutal, making my barn chores a little less enjoyable. My horses had frosted eyelashes! So extra carrots and extra hay are on their menu.



From Our Home to Yours, Wishing you a happy and creative holiday season,

til next YEAR

xx Andrea




Fresh From the Studio

End Table SeatsThe high-gloss finish on this scarred Aspen log,  gives this piece a contemporary edge. Fortunately I was able to get two of these uniquely marked pieces out of one  log.  Check out other One-of -a-Kinds at

Til next week, xx


Mud on the Tires

“You can only get there, with a little mud on the tires”.

Brad Paisley’s song has nothing’ on the mud season in Aspen. The carwash??? It is a “why bother?” Feeding horses? This mud can suck your boot off.

Do I love it?

You bet I do… Once the thaw is over, ahhhhh… Summer is close by.

The bikes are getting tuned, the horses are shedding out and our energy is up. After working inside the studio during the winter cold months, I can open up the big door and  work outside

In The Studio This Week: Great progress has been made on the large sculptural candle holders. They will be on their way to the finisher this week! Prototypes for the latest line of "Accessory Seats" are started. And....

The Andi-Le Alluvium Bench was chosen as an "Editors Choice" in the March edition of Home Accents Today!

Til next week, xx


Candle light anyone?

Ahhh...Candle light,  the warmth, the glow, it’s romantic, special and just plain flattering to all.

When is the last time you ate dinner by candlelight? Do you remember the tone it set?  Those flickering lights helped soothe your soul. It also gives the appearance of a beautiful, calm atmosphere – even on those days or weeks when calm is the furthest thing from reality.

FYI ( a little history) The earliest known candles originated in China around 200 BC, and were made from whale fat. With the fairly consistent and measurable burning of a candle, a common use was to tell the time.

My love of candle-light has inspired a new line of home accessories. The studio is filled with these textually carved pieces of wood and acrylic that will blend together creating contemporary sculptural candle holders. Here is a sneak peak.

Stay tuned for the finished products

til next week xx