Help, I need a man! "Out of the Studio"

My Nemeses for the last few months has been a 9 ft dining room table, customized, hand carved , hand chosen planks, hand finished to blend with the fabrics and other pieces in the room. My clients left with a great deal of faith in me, my  design and vision for this HUGE focal point. Here are a few of the stresses and strains of a girl and her furniture design and build career:

*The beautifully finished maple top had been wrapped up and sitting on metal horses in my garage space, so my car lived outside in the snow most of the winter.

*Each leg is an independent sculpture. Fun but very dirty work, I actually loved this part

*The engineered steel frame and the  8/4 (2")  maple top had me on the phone calling  my studio assistants and muscular friends, "Help! I need a man!" The legs were fitted onto steel pieces and steel bolts. Over the top for myself to move about.

* It took 6 guys from Old Towne Moving and Storage, (who I use without fail) to carefully install this piece while i cringed at every grunt.

*It was to be installed before they returned to Aspen. Which was Fri.   I had been crazy anxious, as I am with every installation that is totally custom. I spent the day on top of the phone.

*Motrim, long showers, and a tequila or two was helpful!

All in all after it was installed with happy customers and pride. The next designs are ready for attention and I am ready for the next BIG challenge.



So until next time, xx


"Out" of the studio..custom furniture installations

I LOVE the summer days,  I can't be outside enough. Hot days (not Texas hot),  and cool nights. Aspen summers are the best! Between my horses and work, the days are full. These 2 commission were installed last week.


CMCD Custom Design

          Robyn Scott Interiors

Til Next week xx


Custom Accent Furniture is "In the Studio"

The dust was flying in the studio last week. Preparing the "canvas".. Or actually preparing the raw wood  to a smooth surface for the chosen textures, that is the first step.  Adding the texture is next, then the final sand.

These commissioned pieces, a 6 foot console and a 4 foot bench,  will be fitted with  stainless steel accents and will head out for the final paint finish by the end of the week. Both pieces of furniture are contemporary, custom and handmade.  Stay tuned for the end results.

Til next week, xx




Hi-Design Seats in the Studio

The Andi-le Accent Seating  line is getting underway.

Constructed, primed and ready for design. Unique and handcrafted This is a progress sneak peak. Seats or end tables, these will be "Jewels for the Home"

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til next week, xx


Accessories are "In the Studio"

Andi-Le is getting ready to launch a new "Home Accessory" line and here is a peak at our large sculptural candle holders. Hand-carved blocks of wood are accentuated by hand-sanded, cast acrylic.  Random sizes  create a loose installation of  of texture and light. Also available tall and sleek in a smaller diameter.

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til next week, xx