Are you Board Crazy?

The feast for your eyes. It is everywhere. Like many, I can spend hours looking at art and design, but my memory is like a sieve. I need references, I need books, I need ginko!  In my design work I turn to my boards. Colors, textures, design all in one place. Images that I ripped out of  magazines, printed off the computer or photos I have taken, all on a foam-core board.. If you haven't heard of Pinterest, it is the latest and greatest sharing mechanism. Personally, I need the real deal to work by, but love posting and looking at other peoples boards.

There is so much to see, amazing talent and creativity. This is a snippet of one of my furniture boards. I have texture boards, as well as boards for textiles and colors. They inspire and astound my senses. Give it a try!

Til next week, xx