Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Who's the fanciest of them all?

Pablo Picasso's " Girl in the Mirror "

Mirrors don't just reflect and let you know how you look, they enhance, create light, distort and magnify. They also add style to your decor and expand space.

"Wild Betty"

"Wild Betty" is one of the latest mirrors in the  "one-of-a-kind" collection at Andi-Le. " She" represents everything I love to work with.  The steel plate, with round openings, allowing the electric wild blue to show through. Industrial bolts, combined with a lacquered refined surface aside hand carved textures and the textile element, hand painted fabric (a little africa) . ahhh the juxtaposition. They are so much fun to create and are a true example of  "functional" art.

The Andi-Le Furniture line just went live.  Check out www.andi-le.com to see our new collection of consoles, benches  and tables. All pieces are customized and created per order. And.... get ready for the Andi-Le Tableware launch at Chequers of Aspen during the Food and Wine Classic June 17-19.

until next week, xx