Put the FUN back in Function

I read somewhere, that every room should have that "special" chair. It adds personality, zip and FUN. Sculptural yet functional. Furniture as art has been growing like crazy for years..   Design Miami went from a small venue to a giant in a very short time.  Consumers are more picky about their purchases. cookie-cutter and mass produced items loose their worth and the attention.

Kovarska Dilna                                                                         Lounge Bloom

As a furniture designer,  helping clients accentuate their personal style while creating a piece that stands alone as art, and also finds balance in the decor, is truly gratifying. And because of my love of the chair,  I am creating a line of "Accessory Seats".

Investing in one piece that tickles you, every time you walk in a room is priceless. So get out their and find you Fun.

til next week xx