Scattered Hors d'eouvres?


Ahhh, The presentation!
Ideas are endless when you have fantastic serving pieces.
Trays allow you to create a vignette.-
keeping it neat and easy and tells a story.

For instance......
 Take a warm brie cheese, and pare it with a fig jam
and a few nuts or dried fruit.
Have your crackers or baguette slices
ready for the perfect bite.

A make you own martini bar.
Olives, onions, twists, cranberry juice,
vanilla beans (a personal fave) or vermouth etc etc etc….
can be arranged and for the options
to be easily at hand on a beautiful serving piece
instead of scattered on a counter.

A dessert assortment. Cupcakes, cookies, fruit.
Bite-sized goodness all at a glance.


When you think "presentation" think outside of the kitchen.
A plank of wood, a mirror, a shallow drawer,
planters, left over tiles. 
Make sure you invest in a few small dishes
for dips; condiments and cheese plates,
and then dedicate each serving piece to a different flavor group.

Relax, have fun and “Live Creatively”

Til Next Time,