Summer scenes from Aspen

Summer in Aspen is a paradise. Just ask any one one the street. Everyone is glowing with joy, especially after the long winter (for the locals) and the lucky guests of the town are thrilled to be here. People are biking, horseback riding, rafting, hiking, shopping and dining al fresco. I have always called it, "Camp Aspen". Ahhh to be outside and smell the mountain air on crisp mornings. Besides all the physical activities, There are all the cultural and intellectual events. The Aspen Institute, Anderson Ranch Arts Center and the Aspen Museum are a few of the venues to expand your mind. Jazz Aspen, this spring featured   Sheryl Crow, Jennifer Hudson, and Susan Tedeschi. All in my backyard. It is hard to pick and choose from all the daily options. If you don't believe me... check out this site to see all activities in this tiny mountain town. It is really astonishing.

I thought I would share some of the beautiful sites of the town.

The Roaring Fork River

Always a Rainbow.

4th of July

The Motorcycles always lead the parade

The firetrucks are always a fav

Dogs are always invited to the party

The Aspen Yacht Club is a hidden paradise

Watching the Regatta from the Kayaks

Out on the trail

Bushwhacking down the cattle trail

Happy Happy Summer!

til next week, xx