Fusion, mix it up!

Fusion: a distinct entity formed by combining 2 or more different things. To Blend. I love the word fusion for several reasons. I love to mix it up. Mixing it up with people. There is  Food fusion, Mexican-sushi, what could be better? Fashion fusion, a vintage dress and African beads and platform shoes. Of course, there is more to it than throwing it on. But, when done correctly.... Stunning! Then there is design fusion. It is personal and it creates an individual  style.  It is about balance and merging different cultures and principles.  Design fusion like nature is imperfect but authentic.  Blending the influences of disparate cultures and times, creates a new design aesthetic.  The latest Ikat textiles can work with contemporary interiors.  The modern acrylic  "Ghost Chair" next to an organic rough hewn wood dining table is spectacular design.

Fusing materials, and styles is fresh and brings energy to design.

 Keep your eyes open and you will see fusion everywhere.

Til next week xx