Scenes of Spring

Is winter over?When I moved to Aspen, as a full time resident, 17 years ago, I learned that no one plants anything until after Memorial day. Spring teases us with warm days and then BAM! more snow. Nightly, covering up my delicate flowers and keeping my fingers crossed . Now I just wait it out.

This year the mountain opened on Memorial day weekend for those who still haven't had enough. We have had a stellar amount of rain and snow this spring and the run-off could be epic!

Meanwhile here at the Ranch, we are busy getting getting summer underway.This involves a teams of workers. Window washers, painters, landscapers. The sprinklers must be turned on, the outdoor fireplace needs a tune-up and of course a Mr fix-it.

Gardening, is the most important thing in our world at this time. With such a short season, we need to get it gorgeous to get out and enjoy. Flowers, vegetables and herbs are planted and loads of ibuprofen are ingested. All the aches and pains disappear as we sit on out on the patio and know we have the next four months of summertime. Below are springtime images from Aspen.

Our vegetable garden

The crab apple tree in bloom and our water fall

The view of Snowmass Mountain taken on a horseback ride

The Roaring Fork River really is roaring

til next week, xx