Home Accents on the Road

The Andi-Le Collection is going on the Road.

Well, not in this style! There are wonderful images in a handy catalog. I am so thrilled to have Ginny Sondrol and   Holly Harrison of Etoile introducing our custom furniture and home accessories in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Utah,  New Mexico and the Pacific Northwest.

Contact Etoile at: ginny@etoiledecor.com holly@etoiledecor.com (303) 560-5027


til next week, xx


Spring Cleaning

Spring is almost here, my energy level is up and the days are getting longer.I couldn’t see the top of my 6 foot drawing table. My notes had notes, my reminders had reminders. I know I put that $%#)&!? somewhere.

I would “rather eat dirt” than do what I needed to do…… THE DREADED SPRING OFFICE CLEAN

It took days of organizing, creating systems, finding space for stuff. I even went as far as organizing my computer files. (this was huge!) It is amazing how much lighter I feel… I have read about this feeling and have had glimpses of it. It is truly wonderful. My ideas are flowing and I can find something to draw them with.

The closet can wait. till next week, xx Andrea

Santa's Workshop


Santa's Workshop???

This organized mess is what happens in the middle of production.  Projects with different deadlines, waiting their turn.  Last week was wild, the dust was flying, all the stars were aligned and several pieces were installed for the holidays, with a sigh of relief !

I wish you all a very beautiful and Happy Holiday Season with all the stars aligned.

till next week, Andrea

Lunch, Wine and a View

Summer in the Rockies is the best backdrop for a  picnic lunch. We all know that it tastes better. I love physical activity, but it must lead to a meal. An early hike with lunch on a rock with a view, or by the stream. Biking to a cafe is very civil. And of course my fav... pack it all on a horse and find a magical spot. Whatever your pleasure, make it special.

I always bring Andi-Le's large cloth napkins. Besides the obvious job of a napkin, we have used them as seats, turnicuts, headbands, and bandannas. They wrap wonderfully around a bottle of wine for cushion as we ride. Making the picnic special without a lot of effort. Give it a try. Memories are made around meals and the people you love.

Til next week, xx


Livin' on the edge (a little)

MFK Fisher - “Keep it simple, but with a dash of hazard.”

This is one of my favorite quotes from Mary Frances  Kennedy Fisher, the famed female writer who extrapolated lessons on life, from food and life in Aix en Provence in France.   I love her verve. Her fascination with food and cooking was all about about life and art.  Fisher's stories are beautifully written  metaphors.

This weekend June 17-19 is the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen.  It is the kickoff of the summer season and the launch of Andi-Le Tableware at Chequers of Aspen. Stop by and the store and say hello, 5-7:00 PM  Friday and Saturday June 17-18. Browse the fabulous home accessories, get some great tips on entertaining, napkin origami and the "Art of the Table". Wine and hors d'oeuvres are provided by Chef C. Barkley Dodge. Chequers is located at 520 East Cooper St see the new collection. .

“Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly.” Another great quote from Mary Frances that I live by... Make it fun, be creative and enjoy the process!

Til next week xx