Yahoo... It's Off-Season!

Local Aspenites love it! It is easy to park, the slower pace, we have the town to ourselves. It is low-key and we have more time for friends, more time to breath and get ready for the next rush of busy-ness. Spring, or as we lovingly refer to it, " mud season ", brings a warm sunny day followed by a January looking blizzard. The daffodils are coming up and so is my energy level.

The month of May means more time for friends so... "Let's throw a party!"

How about Cinco de Mayo... a Mexican fiesta.  My husband makes THE BEST margarita. Let the party begin!

Kevin's Margie Recipe:

Equal parts juice/tequila as follows: El Tesoro Reposada Fresh Limes AND lemons (50/50) simple syrup (sugar,a drip or 2 of water, melt) Patron Citronage (just a splash)

and don't forget Crazy friends and the Gypsy Kings...

Until next week, xx